Original light rock with lyrical power!

My songwriting journey started in Montreal with my brother Daniel. One day after learning a new cover song he said to me “You should write your own songs.” I soon realized I could create good clean acoustic and electric rhythms along with interesting and thought-provoking lyrics. We performed in coffee houses and in front of friends in our little basement apartment on Montreal’s West Island. Unfortunately, I had to relocate Toronto for work leaving my brother behind. Years later, I met a few guys. Mike Lanza, he cut his musical teeth as a wedding singer while Randy Posliff (drums) and Chris Burke (lead guitar) used to play in a 1985 university band called The Tall Boys. 

We recorded this album at Big Smoke Audio for the music piece along with scratch vocals. Later, at Silverbirch Productions Toronto, Mike, Dawn and I recorded the vocaIs and at the same time I had them remix and remaster the album. 

While I’m not a hard rock writer, on this album The Voices Inside comes very close! On the other hand, Aquatic Expanses, at 7:25 is melodic with great piano and with that name you just have to hear the lyrics! 

It was difficult moving forward as original band venues were looking for bands with a known track record while regular clubs were looking for cover bands so we found ourselves lost in the middle. After many years the band dissolved and my songs sat on the shelf until the advent of electronic digital distribution. I jumped right in! Most people simply use the band’s name on the first album and while this is my first, I had to name it “It's Never Too Late”. 

I hope you enjoy the music and lyrics.





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