I have recently partnered with Keyboardist Lorne Newell. Lorne brings a wealth of experience to our musical team. He handles the production, the piano, organ bass and drums while I handle the songwriting, the vocals and guitars. 

We are recording under the name Catch Bonner. Our first single, A Brighter Life, will release Saturday Oct 7, 2023. The music was written by me and the lyrics were co-written by myself and my good friend Jeffrey Cooper. It is a light rock song with great lyrics. 

The song A Brighter Life was: 

Produced By: Lorne Newell 

Mixed By: Blake Eiseman at Binksound FL USA 

Mastered By: Tony Cousins at Metropolis Studios London UK 

For more information on Catch Bonner, please visit our website at catchbonner(com). Also visit our Youtube channel. I have been creating DIY videos of our journey. Video 01 documents the video shoot for our advertisement video. Lights & camera(s) set-up, shoot planning, making the shots, final edits etc. Video 02 documents the software and editing process that will take your raw footage and turn it into a slick finished video. Three more videos are on the planning boards. If you are an aspiring musician or you want ideas on how to plan and manage a video shoot, please visit and subscribe.  


Streaming Oct 7, 2023